Our Mission

RotarySwing Hit and Hope is a nonprofit charity that assists spinal injury vicitms and wounded and disabled military veterans in learning to golf with their physical limitations and provides recreational, motivational and inspirational experiences to assist with physical and emotional recovery.


   Helping Life Move Forward

Suffering a severe spinal injury is a very tramatic and life altering experience to go through, both for the victim and the family. It can seem like life is over, especially for those who were athletically inclined before the injury. RSHaH helps victims attain a new lease on life by showing them they can still enjoy sports and the outdoors by introducing them to the game of golf and helping them learn a golf swing that is safe on the body while compensating for their injuries.


   Recreational Therapy

It isn't all about golf instruction, though. An important part of the healing process is "recreational therapy." Even after a traumatic injury, life can and SHOULD still be fun! As part of our program, we take golfers on fun golf outings and bring in inspirational speakers to help our injured golfers mentally and emotionally move forward with enjoying life after their injuries.


   Biomechanically Safe Golf Instruction

One of the most unique aspects of our program is that it uses the Rotary Swing Tour golf instruction system. This instructional system is based on the biomechanics of the swing and is designed to help the golfer build an anatomically safe swing. Our advisory panel is made up of doctors and biomechanists that provide a unique perspective in helping golfers with severe injuries still learn to play the game and build a safe golf swing despite their injuries. We continue to enlist the help of different medical practitioners such as orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors and physical therapists to not only help with the golf swing, but introduce people to new therapeutic techniques to help deal with their injuries. Are you a medical professional? See how you can get involved today!


   Connecting Victims with the Best Medical Care

Injuries of this nature require the best in medical care and that's simply not available to everyone. Our medical volunteers donate their time and provide discounted services to help victims with their injuries and provide the best and most innovative medical techniques to help with these complex injuries.


  What Your Donation Supports:

 Introduce someone to the game of golf who has been injured

 Help them improve through free golf instruction and clinics

 Provide life changing recreational golf experiences

 Build a Support System - Help introduce them to others who share similar injuries

 Encouragement - Life moves forward and getting outdoors to play golf is fun!

5 Reasons to Start Today

  • Chuck Quinton is a TOP Orlando Florida Golf Instructor
  • Has worked with professionals on every major tour
  • Invented the RST method - the only completely objective and biomechanical approach to the golf swing.
  • No contradictions, no confusion — this golf swing system was developed to be EASY for anyone to learn.
  • Develop a natural golf swing that’s easy on your body and relieves you of pain!

How We Started

In 2011, RSHaH founder Chuck Quinton suffered a traumatic, life changing spinal injury breaking his neck in a mountain biking accident. He underwent 5 surgeries in 15 months after breaking C1 in five places. While the injury prevents him from being able to enjoy some more adventurous outdoor activities like biking and snowboarding, he turned his attention back to golf after having formerly played professionally.

Having an outdoor activity like golf helped him see, that while his life was forever changed, it wasn't over. Sharing his courageous story to help others get back to "living life" after a traumatic spinal injury is helping other victims and their families move forward by enjoying the great game of golf in an encouraging setting.



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